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Late 19th century decorated miniature Indian Muslim Chess Set.

One side decorated green, the other red, both sides with fine gilt decoration.

Comes in small Indian inlaid storage box.

King 1 inch (2.5cm.) high.


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Late 19th century Indian Muslim Chess Set

One side with red decoration the other black.

These aesthetically pleasing shapes evolved as the different chess pieces as the Islamic religion forbids the imagery of animal or human form.

Comes in indian finely carved wood lift up top

storage box.

King 2 inches ( 5 cm.) high.


Early 19th century German “Selenus” polished Chess Set. The pieces in natural and stained cochineal red colours. Kings and queens of carved and pierced tiered petals, knights with stylized horses heads, bishops and pawns of turned forms and the rooks as round turrets.

Comes in fine period mother of peal and brass inlaid lift up top green baize lined storage box.

The term "Selenus" has been used after a design illustrated in Gutavus Selenus "Das Schach oder Konig-Spiel", Leipzip 1616.

King 4.5 inches (11 cm.) Not Including Board



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This description is by the previous owner an authority on

Americana and a resident of the Maine area.

Mark J. Dennett / Kittery Maine / Slide Box with Painted

Chess Pieces Circa: 1820-30Box Size: 5 x 3.4  x 2 inches

King Height 2.75 inches A good American small slide chess

box in great slate grey paint. In pencil the box is signed

"Mark J. Dennett / Kittery". The box is filled with carved

and turned “Regence” design painted slate blue and dull

yellow wooden chess pieces. This French style of set was

used in the States notably by Benjamin Franklin.

The top of the box has scrape away decoration which looks

like industrial buildings and chimneys - coming from Maine

and passing over the Piscatiqua River bridge many times,

my guess is that this is Portsmouth NH as viewed from

Kittery Point, ME. A quick Google search reveals that

Mark Dennett was a prominent figure in Kittery in

the 19th century.

Price  £980

Stock Number: no .211

Unusual design Indian turned wood Muslim

Chess Set.

One side light wood the other stained black.

Comes in  fine brass inlaid Indian rosewood

lift up top storage box. Circa 1900

King 3.5 inches 9 cm.) high.

Price  £580


Stock Number: no .274

Unusual early 20th century Muslim Chess Set of solid spun

brass, one side slightly darker in colour than the other.  

Being solid, each piece is very heavy and the bases have

inset baize.

North India Circa 1920.

King  2 inches (5 cm.) high

The base1.4 inches (3.5 cm.) in diameter.


Stock Number: no .971

Spectacular large size decorated carved wood Indian Figural

Chess Set in the “John Company “style.

The kings and queens as massive elephants with covered and

open howdahs containing figures holding swords and parasols,

the bishops as mounted camels, knights as mounted horses.

rooks as large fighting elephants and  pawns as armed foot

soldiers. All intricately painted with one side with the figures

predominately in black and pink, the other side green.

Of recent manufacture.

King 8.6 inches (22 cm.) high Base 5x3 inches (12.5x7.5 cm.)


Stock Number: no .677

Rare carved French Napoleonic Prisoner of War Sand

or Cushion Chess Set of 32 pieces, one side natural,

the other side with red and green decoration. 

These rare sets were produced at camps such as Norman’s Cross

in Northamptonshire, with other artistic artefacts in bone,

for sale to supplement the French prisoners’ harsh lives.

It is said that these sets were used by passengers to pass the

time while traveling in horse-drawn carriages.

The boards consisted of a small pillow filled with sand with

a chess board embroidered on the cloth, the chess pieces then

being plunged though the open weave.  

Sometimes these sets were used by the men themselves in

the ground of the prison yard.

Comes in wood lift up top storage box .

King 4.75 inches long (12 cm.). 

For similar cushion chess set, see no. 96, page 83,

“Zug der Konige”, Catalogue, Munich 1988.

Price  £2250

Stock Number: no. 981

Stock Number: no. 808        

      & no. 111  SOLD

Stock Number: no . 781

Above the storage box included

Opposite the set shown on Board no. 111,

for price and details see under Boards section.

Stock Number: no . 793

Rare Asian carved Rock Crystal large Figural Chess Set

The pieces of various heads and designs of a light and slightly

darker hue and with brown tinting to the underside of the bases.

Quartz being a very hard material is very difficult to carve

and it is not often seen in this figural form.

Chips and natural cracks to the pieces.

Early 20th century.

King 4.3 inches (11cm.) high.

Base 1.6 x .8 inches (4 x 2 cm.)

Price £2350

Interesting Spanish 20th century cast metal "Don Quixote" Chess set in fitted Box

One side of a silver colour the other of a brass hue.

The kings of standing figures of "Don Quixote"carrying his sword and shield, the queens as his housekeeper, bishops as his portly squire "Sancho Panza" , knights as his rearing skinny horse "Rocinante", rooks as Windmills with revolving vanes and pawns as smaller standing figures of inn servants

All contained in a red plush lined fitted storage box.

King 3.35 inches (8.5 cm.) high

Box 15.5 14.5 x 1 ( 39 x 37 x 4 cm.)

Price  £780


Stock Number: no .528

Mid 20th century folding Chinese export Lacquer Games Board.

The black lacquer decorated with gilt. One side with a chessboard for the lead black and red Staunton pattern chess set. the inside with a backgammon board with wooden counters and dice.

Size open 12.6 x 12.6 x 1.58 inches                                                  (32 x 32 4 cm.)

Price  £680

Stock Number: no .210

Attractive Edwardian miniature travelling folding

Games Board.

Comes in protective faux leatherette sleeve

the folding board inside the has two small boxes

with a miniature pegged chess set and pegged counters.

Size closed 6 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches

(51.25 x 8.12 x 3.8 cm.)

King  including peg 1.5 inches ( 3.8 cm.) long

Price  £380

Unusual late Victorian travelling folding inlaid Chess Board

with turned rosewood and box wood round counters.

One side with the fine chess motifs impressed intro the

wood, the other with round turning design rings so as

to play Draughts or Checkers.

Board open 9.4 x 9.4 inches (24 x 24 cm.)

Counters .75 inches (2 cm.)  Diameter

Price  £680


Stock Number: no .522

Unusual German mid 20th century miniature figural Chess Set

The Bakelite type composition "Medieval " themed chess men

in white and red.

Contained in a round lift up lid fluted side storage box with

the black and white lid with a finely moulded horses knights

head and two figures on a chequered base to its top.

Stamped to the base Ges.Geschutzt  Made in Western Germany

Box inches 3.74 x 1.57 inches ( 9.5 x 4 cm.)

King 1.78 inches  (4.5 cm.) high.

Price  £285

Stock Number: no .431

A very fine quality Victorian Thuya wood Games Box. Having fine engraved brass strap work and Cornelian round stone moumts decoration. The satinwood lined interior revealing various games including, a Staunton pattern ivory chess set, ivory turned backgammon/draught men, two ivory whist markers, engraved brass Cribbage and Bezique boards with ivory marker pegs and six ivory dice.

The lift up top section revealing two ivory dice shakers, period playing cards, red and white gambling counters and  a quantify of gambling small conch shells.

To the inside of the lid a finely inlaid folding chess and backgammon board.

Size 12.5 x 9.75 x 6.3 inches ( 32 x 24.75 x 16 cm.}

Price including delivery £2850

Good 19th century Edinburgh or Northern Upright carved

and turned boxwood and ebony Chess Set by Jaques of London.

This elegant attractive design preceded the Jaques Staunton

patented design of 1849. The design is attributed to Lord John Hay,

Member of the English Parliament and Rear-Admiral of the

British Navy and produced and retailed by Jaques of London

in the 1830's and1840's. The knights horses heads of particularly

fine carving.

Comes in fine period, lead strung with mother of peal plaque

to the lift up top, rosewood green felt lined storage box.

King 3.5 inches  ( 9 cm. )  high.


Set shown on an ideal Chessboard details under our Boards section

Stock no. 331



Interesting Swiss 19th century Miniature Chess Board

and Chess Set.

The bone board having a drawer in the carved frieze containing

the fine carved and turned bone tiny chessmen, one natural,

the other stained cochineal red.

Comes with later little metal tweezers that fit in the drawer,

King .8 inches ( 2cm.) high

Board .2.20 x 2.20 x .8 inches ( 5.6 x 5.6 x 2 cm.)

Tweezers  2 inches ( 5 cm. ) Long


Stock Number: no .581