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Early 19th century finely painted  on tin German Roundel. The amusing painting depicts a lady rejecting a gentleman with his hand on a chessboard whilst in the back ground another gentleman looks on.

Many stories can be woven round the three characters.

Diameter overall  6.25 inches (16 cm. )

Price  £680


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Fine early 20th century silvered metal model, standing

on a white veined black marble base, of the famous drinking

fountain street lamp “Font de Canaletes” situated at the top

of the Ramblas thoroughfare in Barcelona. 

This fountain has become a meeting place for fervent “Barca”

football fans after matches to celebrate when they have won.

Local legend says that if you drink from the Canaletes

fountain you will be certain to return to Barcelona someday.

11 inches high (28 cm.)

Price  £380


Stock Number: no.966

19th century Indian decorated wood Pachisi Games men

and yellow Cloth Board.

The different coloured large domed wood men

with silvered metal embossed tops.

It is rare to find this game with the criss cross shaped

cloth board still intact.

Pieces  1.6 inches (4 cm.) high in diameter

and  1.6 inches (4cm.)  high. Board 27.5 inches (70 cm.) long


Stock Number: no. 90



Stock Number: no.980

Fine 19th century Coromandel wood Compendium of Games retailed by Leuchars of Piccadilly London

The front opening brass bound cabinet opening to

reveal a carved and turned Staunton pattern chess set,  a fine inlaid wood and Cribbage board with four bone peg markers and dice. Set of thirty bone red and white backgammon/ draught men. A set of dominos , three packs of cards, lead horses and jumps racing game with original instructions. The inside of the lid with later draught ,backgammon and race game folding game boards.

The edge of the  case with a brass plaque engraved “Leuchars 38 & 39 Piccadilly London ”.

On the wood interior the impressed Victorian Registration Mark 29th November 1869

Cabinet closed: 12.6 x 8.7 x 7 inches

(32 x 22 x 18 cm.)

Price £2250

Notes :Leuchars was established at 47 Piccadilly, London in 1794 by James Leuchars. In 1820, the business moved to 38 Piccadilly shortly before James Leuchars died in 1822.

Lucy Leuchars, James’ widow, continued the business under the name of L. Leuchars. In 1837, the same year as Queen Victoria came to the throne, the firm was awarded the Royal Warrant for their supply to the royal family.

Expanding to 39 Piccadilly in 1841, the name had now changed to Lucy Leuchars & Son; the ‘Son’ referring to William Leuchars. After Lucy’s death in 1847, William gained sole responsibility for the business. Leuchars exhibited  at the Great Exhibition of 1851, the International Exhibition of 1862  the 1867 Paris Exposition. They sold high quality items including ivory Staunton chess sets and Carton Pierre chessboards by Jaques of London ,

Compendium of Games Cabinets and Dressing Cases.


Unusual pair of Indian black wood Bookends with charming painted

terra cotta model Indian Bandsmen. Circa 191

6.3 x  6.3 x 3.5 inches (16 x 16 x 9  cm. )

Figures 2.2  inches ( 5.5 cm.) high

Price  £580


Stock Number: no.426

Stock Number: no. 932

Rare pair of Persian mid 19th century Qajar polychrome

decorated lacquer Papier Mache Caskets.

The tops painted with a fine interior feast scene and with

a floral border.

The fronts,backs and sides finely decorated with interesting

Persian lion hunting scenes.

Sizes 6.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches  (17 x 13 x 13 cm.)

Price on Application

Stock Number: no. 268

Eleven early 19th century carved French Napoleonic Prisoner of War Johncets Game men.

These items were produced at camps such as Norman’s

Cross in Northamptonshire, with other artistic artefacts in bone,

for sale to supplement the French prisoners’ harsh lives.

Johncet is similar to the game of Spillikins or Pick up Sticks.

The pieces in Joncets having different values.

Price  £380